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Song Joong Ki Breaks the Mold with His New Role in ‘Hopeless’.

“Hopeless” marks the directorial debut of Kim Chang Hoon and promises to be a game-changer in the career of South Korean actor Song Joong Ki. The film tells the harrowing tale of a young boy named Yeon Gyu, portrayed by Hong Xa Bin, who is desperately trying to escape his personal hell only to find himself entangled in a perilous world after encountering Chi Geon, played by Song Joong Ki, a mid-level crime boss.

Following his success in films like “Space Sweepers” and hit TV series like “Vincenzo” and “Reborn Rich,” Song Joong Ki once again showcases his versatile acting prowess with his portrayal of Chi Geon. Chi Geon is a cunning character who finds a way to survive in a brutal reality.According to South Korean media, Song Joong Ki effortlessly embodies the role, delivering a seductive performance with mysterious glances, a deep voice, and a certain darkness that sets him apart from his previous characters. He was so passionate about the script that he willingly took on the lead role in this professional production. The actor shared, “I wanted to showcase a different acting style from what I’ve done before, so I experimented a lot.”

Director Kim Chang Hoon expressed his desire to portray a completely different, cold-hearted character from the gentle image Song Joong Ki has previously portrayed, stating, “Watching him act, I truly believe he is Chi Geon.”

On September 19th, Song Joong Ki returned to South Korea to participate in promotional activities for “Hopeless.” It’s worth noting that this is a rare return to his homeland after an extended period abroad, where he cared for his wife and firstborn son.

“Hopeless” was selected to be showcased at the 76th Cannes Film Festival and is scheduled for release on October 11th. This film promises to be a compelling addition to Song Joong Ki’s already impressive portfolio, showcasing his ability to break free from the expected and delve into complex and enigmatic characters.

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