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Song Joong Ki compares with Shin Hyun Bin. What kind of appearance makes the online community wobble?

On November 17, a press conference for the movie “Reborn Rich” starring Song Joong Ki was held at a hotel in Seoul. According to observation, ex-husband Song Hye Kyo wears a striking pink shirt. Although he has reached the age of U40, Song Joong Ki looks as young as a man in his twenties.
His beauty was really promoted after being disparaged for a while. When paired with “The Single Queen” of “Hospital Playist” Shin Hyun Bin, Song Joong Ki and his co-star were praised as a perfect pair.
Reborn Rich is Song Joong Ki’s next project after the success of “Vincenzo.” This work is about Yoon Hyun Woo (played by Song Joong Ki), the risk management secretary for Sunyang Group. He has to take care of running the company. It is worth mentioning that despite being loyal and devoted to the corporation for more than 10 years, Hyun Woo is still accused of embezzlement by his owner.
He was even killed mercilessly. However, for some mysterious reason, Hyun Woo’s soul woke up in the body of the youngest son of the Sunyang family. Thanks to that, he could plan revenge for the person who killed him. As planned, “Reborn Rich” will officially air on November 18.



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