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Song Joong Ki decided to leave this career before his debut as an actor, check out the reasons.

Song Joong Ki has now become a trendy South Korean actor. Song Joong Ki’s popularity is proven by the many Korean films and dramas he has starred in. Several Korean dramas that have successfully starred Song Joong Ki include Vincenzo, Descendants of The Sun, and Arthdal ​​Chronicles. Song Joong Ki before working in the field of acting, it turns out that he is a sports athlete, you know.
Before becoming an actor, Song Joong Ki was a figure skater in his youth. Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband has been in the skating field since elementary school.
It turns out that Song Joong Ki has been a figure skating athlete for a long time, which is about 12 years. Song Joong Ki’s skating ability made him a member of the Daejon City national team for 6 years. Song Joong Ki also successfully competed at the national level to represent Korea’s Daejeon City.
Song Joong Ki is known to have made his official debut as an actor in 2008.
Through the film A Frozen Flower, Song Joong Ki played the character No Takin and competed in acting with other Korean actors such as Song Ji Hyo and Jo In Sung. Having a background in figure skating, Song Joong Ki had a plus when he auditioned for his debut film.
When Song Joong Ki auditioned for the film A Frozen Flower, he was asked whether he had good running skills or not. Song Joong Ki’s career, who was a figure skater, helped him pass his first film audition.
After officially debuting as an actor, Song Joong Ki finally decided to leave his career as a figure skater. In 2018, a reporter and pop culture critic explained why Song Joong Ki left his career as an athlete on a television program. Reportedly, Song Joong Ki left his career as a figure skater due to an ankle injury.
This made it difficult for Song Joong Ki to train and eventually leave as a figure skating athlete.
Currently, Song Joong Ki has made a successful career as a South Korean actor with high fees.



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