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Song Joong Ki Expresses Anger Over Rumors of Foreign Wife Having a Secret Child.

“I’m angry about the rumors surrounding my wife,” Song Joong Ki candidly stated.

Recently, Song Joong Ki returned to South Korea and took the time to promote the upcoming movie “Hwaran.” During this period, the actor also engaged in interviews with the media regarding his role as a husband and father. Additionally, he opened up for the first time about the controversies surrounding his remarks about his profession.

In an interview at a cafe in Samcheongdong on September 25th, Song Joong Ki expressed his feelings, especially regarding his remarriage to British wife Katie Louise Saunders.

In January 2023, Song Joong Ki announced his marriage while revealing that his wife, Katie Louise Saunders, was expecting. At that time, the news of the actor’s remarriage became a hot topic on social media, sparking numerous rumors about his wife. Song Joong Ki admitted that he was genuinely angered by the false claims.

The actor shared, “I was truly angry at that time because someone fabricated stories about my wife.” He added, “I wish I didn’t have to address such baseless rumors to the public. I was deeply hurt by someone irresponsibly creating stories about a woman.”

Song Joong Ki also mentioned that during that time, his wife comforted him despite being hurt herself. He said, “She told me that in England, many media outlets also publish sensationalized articles. However, I think deep down, she was also uncomfortable and angry.”

The actor noted that he felt compelled to speak out due to the support of his fans. “My wife is a genuinely positive person. Even when we were in Rome, she greeted every Korean she met. I did the same. I learned a lot from my wife,” he shared. Song Joong Ki revealed that it was his wife who helped him realize he had a long way to mature.

Following Song Joong Ki’s revelations, internet users expressed sympathy for Song Hye Kyo, his ex-wife. This sympathy stemmed from the fact that during their marriage, Song Hye Kyo had to endure numerous false rumors, and Song Joong Ki never publicly defended her.

However, there were also voices defending Song Joong Ki, suggesting that such comparisons were somewhat unfair.

“The Baby Has Both Korean and English Names”

Regarding his wife’s support, Song Joong Ki was forthcoming: “Of course, she told me I had to do well and then come back. Right now, she’s no longer an actress, but she used to work in the industry, attending film festivals like Cannes and Berlin before me.”

When asked if his attitude had changed since remarrying and having a child, Song Joong Ki replied, “The baby is now three months old, and 100 days have passed, but my attitude hasn’t changed. Even now, when I feed my child, I think, ‘Am I really a father?'”

Song Joong Ki clarified, “Instead of saying my thinking has changed, I think it’s more accurate to say that new thoughts have emerged. Since having a child, I’ve always thought that I need to live a good life and be a good person. Of course, I also have to work hard.”

The actor also revealed the baby’s name, stating, “We are an international couple, so the baby has both a Korean and an English name.” When asked if he would support his child if they wanted to become an actor in the future, Song Joong Ki said, “If my child wants to, I will support them.”

Discussing his experience as a first-time father and taking care of a child, Song Joong Ki admitted that over three months had passed, but he still felt somewhat clumsy. “We feel fortunate to raise our child together. It was challenging at first because we were first-time parents, but things have gotten better.”

In the interview, Song Joong Ki acknowledged his mistake regarding the controversies surrounding his remarks about marriage affecting his entertainment career. Previously, in an interview with Sina (China), he had stated, “Becoming a father and a husband means you will be unemployed in the entertainment industry,” sparking immediate controversy.

Regarding this, Song Joong Ki said, “I learned about the controversies after receiving the news while in Italy. It’s something I had never considered before. It sounds uncomfortable, no matter how it’s translated. I think I need to be more careful when speaking.”

Song Joong Ki also mentioned that his wife had been a significant help in finding opportunities for him to act in international films. “Because my wife is a foreigner, she introduced me to many producers and close friends working in England and the United States. I even auditioned for a BBC film, but unfortunately, I was rejected. My wife has been a great help to me. I’m talking about this because I don’t want unwarranted rumors to circulate.”

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