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Song Joong Ki Expresses Pride in Becoming a Father: “My Child is Now One Hundred Days Old”

Song Joong Ki graced the Busan International Film Festival on October 6th to promote his latest film. The actor touched upon several topics during his appearance, including his pride in becoming a father.

Established in 2021, the BIFF Actor House is a special talk show program that delves into the filmographies of leading actors of their time. The actors share candid stories, shedding light on behind-the-scenes anecdotes that remain unknown to the audience.

During the 6th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), Song Joong Ki reminisced about the first time he was invited to the prestigious event. He fondly recalled, “The first time I was invited to the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) was alongside actress Park Bo Young for the film ‘A Werewolf Boy.'”

He continued, “It was the first outdoor screening I had ever done. At the time, both Park Bo Young and I were new actors, and the director of the film was also relatively unknown.” Song Joong Ki went on to describe the packed audience that even extended to the stairs, which was incredibly touching.

He expressed his enjoyment in interacting with the audience and believed that film festivals were more captivating and enjoyable as a result.

Song Joong Ki proudly shared, “My child is now one hundred days old. Please give me a round of applause,” which prompted the audience to applaud warmly.

Speaking about acting after becoming a parent, Song Joong Ki admitted, “I didn’t know much about it because I’ve only just become a parent. I don’t want to be a father who can’t handle my baby in the future. That thought has become clearer, even as a professional actor.”

The advent of AI has brought significant changes to various media industries today.

Song Joong Ki remarked, “I’ve gained many new experiences thanks to incredible technology, but film is a genre that relates more to human emotions than technology.”

Regarding his role in the film “Hwaran,” he explained, “My role is Chi Gon, while Hong Sang Bin plays Yeon Gyu. The film revolves around a young boy and a young man with similar backgrounds as victims of domestic violence. They try to understand and console each other, but it ultimately leads to tragedy.”

Song Joong Ki acknowledged that the film is filled with violence and cruelty but expressed his hope that the audience can appreciate its depth and message.

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