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Song Joong Ki Faces Backlash for Alleged Insincerity in His Actions with His New Wife.

Song Joong Ki, a South Korean actor who once formed one of the most powerful couples in the Korean entertainment industry with Song Hye Kyo, is currently under the spotlight for his recent actions with his new wife, Katy. The couple’s whirlwind romance and hasty marriage following their respective divorces have attracted considerable attention from the public. However, Song Joong Ki’s latest public appearances have sparked criticism and raised questions about his authenticity and commitment to his new spouse.

The Split with Song Hye Kyo:
Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, often referred to as the “power couple” of the Korean entertainment world, parted ways after just over two years of marriage. Their high-profile divorce made headlines, leaving fans and media speculating about the reasons behind their separation. Following their split, Song Joong Ki moved on to a new relationship with a foreign girlfriend, eventually welcoming their first child in June this year.

The Controversial Appearance at His Sister’s Wedding:
Recently, Song Joong Ki made a public appearance alongside his wife Katy at his younger sister’s wedding, attracting widespread attention from netizens. While many admired Katy’s beauty and praised her as a new mother, some netizens couldn’t help but comment on the apparent age gap between her and Song Joong Ki when they appeared together in photos. This ignited discussions about the sincerity of their relationship and Song Joong Ki’s intentions.

Accusations of Faked Affection:
What drew even more attention was the negative comments regarding Song Joong Ki’s interactions with his wife during the wedding. Netizens accused him of pretending to be affectionate and caring towards Katy. His gestures, such as tenderly looking at her or holding her waist or hand, were ridiculed and labeled as fake.

Netizens’ Reactions:
The online community reacted with a mix of sarcasm and criticism:

“Is he acting again?”
“He’s lucky he didn’t take center stage at his sister’s wedding.”
“If he stopped being so insincere, people might actually like him more.”
“Is the CEO trying to act all romantic?”
Public Perception and Recent Controversies:
Song Joong Ki has been facing public scrutiny and a series of controversies lately, largely centered around his comments and actions. He has been criticized for saying that men can’t become famous in the entertainment industry after marriage. Furthermore, he faced backlash for trying to take the center stage during a public appearance at a film premiere.

In contrast, Song Hye Kyo, his former wife, seems to have garnered more favor from the public due to her straightforward personality and improved acting skills.

Song Joong Ki’s recent actions and comments have raised questions about his authenticity and commitment to his new relationship. While his whirlwind romance and marriage attracted significant attention, the public’s perception of him appears to be shifting, potentially impacting his career in the Korean entertainment industry.

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