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Song Joong Ki faces intense backlash from netizens for this unusual behavior.

Song Joong Ki found himself at the center of attention, though for different reasons. The actor, who recently returned to Korea after living abroad with his wife and son, made headlines on September 22 during a press conference for his movie “Hwaran.”

It was during this event that netizens began to take notice of Song Joong Ki’s peculiar behavior. At a promotional gathering for “Hwaran,” he positioned himself at the center of the stage, flanked by the director, while pulling the male lead, Hong Sa Bin, to the edge. This move led to criticism from online communities, with some accusing Song Joong Ki of seeking the limelight at the expense of his co-star.

This incident drew comparisons to Song Hye Kyo’s actions during the press conference for “The Glory,” where she ensured actor Lee Do-hyun had a more prominent place on the stage, showcasing her thoughtfulness and respect for her colleagues.

This is not the first time Song Joong Ki has faced backlash from netizens. Recently, he issued a public apology for a previous statement that suggested becoming a husband and father meant losing one’s place in the entertainment industry. This remark garnered significant backlash, as many pointed out numerous examples of actors successfully balancing family life with their careers, like actor Hyun Bin.

In response to the mounting criticism, Song Joong Ki issued another apology, acknowledging his lack of carefulness in his words and the harm they caused.

As Song Joong Ki’s apology continues to make headlines, it is clear that he should exercise greater caution in both his words and actions, ensuring that his actions align with the respect and professionalism expected in the entertainment industry.

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