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Frequently Donating, Song Joong Ki gets the President’s Award for His Generosity, Complimentary!

In addition to his handsome face, Song Joong Ki is an actor from South Korea who is very generous.
Song Joong Ki often donates by donating his money to people in need.
Reporting from the KBIZoom page, Song Joong Ki has given many donations regularly to people in need, including.
1. Song Joong Ki donated to children with cancer.
In 2011, Song Joong Ki participated in the yellow ribbon campaign and made regular donations.
The donation given by Song Joong Ki was given to help children with cancer.
In addition, Song Joong Ki also has a good relationship with Korea’s Children’s Leukemia Foundation.
2. Song Joong Ki donated to the earthquake in Nepal.
Song Joong Ki in 2015 made a monetary donation with a nominal value of 100 million won to help the earthquake in Nepal.
At that time, Song Joong Ki channeled his assistance through UNICEF, an international organization engaged in child welfare.
3. Song Joong Ki donated to “comfort women.”
Song Joong Ki continues to donate regularly by helping “comfort women.”
“Comfort women” are women who are forced to fulfill someone’s sexual needs.
Song Joong Ki donated 20 million won and channeled it to the International Center for Peace and Human Rights.
4. Song Joong Ki donated to the Covid-19 case
Returning to donate in 2019, Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband donated 100 million won for the Covid-19 case.
In addition, in 2021, Song Joong Ki also donated a nominal 100 million won for health workers dealing with Covid-19 in Korea.
5. Song Joong Ki donated to fire victims.
In 2020, Song Joong Ki donated 30 million won for fire victims in Korea.
Not only for fire victims, but Song Joong Ki also donated 50 million won.
The donation Song Joong Ki gave to victims when heavy rains hit the residents of Gangwon Province.
Thanks to the donations that have been given regularly, Song Joong Ki received the Presidential Award in 2021.



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