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Song Joong Ki has responded unexpectedly to rumors suggesting that his new wife has a child from a previous relationship.

In a shocking turn of events, Song Joong Ki has responded unexpectedly to rumors suggesting that his new wife has a child from a previous relationship. This has left fans in awe due to his contrasting attitude compared to his past relationship with Song Hye Kyo.

After a considerable hiatus from the entertainment industry to focus on his family life abroad, A-list actor Song Joong Ki recently made a high-profile return to South Korea. He attended the premiere of the film “Hwaran” on the evening of September 22nd. All eyes were on Song Joong Ki as this marked his first public appearance at an official event since becoming a “new dad.”

During the event, Song Joong Ki’s revelations about his wife, Katy Louise Saunders, and their firstborn son became the center of public attention. Addressing the rumors of his new wife having a child from a previous relationship, Song Joong Ki candidly denied the claims and affirmed his unwavering love for his spouse, stating, “My wife and I are both new parents. Apart from the university rumors, all other speculations about my wife are untrue.”

It was previously reported by South Korean media that Katy Louise Saunders had been married and had a daughter over a decade ago. Despite ample evidence indicating that the child in question was actually the daughter of a close friend, rumors continued to swirl around Song Joong Ki’s wife. His firm denial of these rumors has earned him praise from the public for his resolute and unwavering stance.

Witnessing Song Joong Ki’s loving gestures towards his new wife, many fans couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Song Hye Kyo. Throughout his marriage to the renowned actress from “The Glory,” Song Joong Ki had never directly defended his ex-wife against the various rumors that plagued her.

Furthermore, he was even perceived as mocking Song Hye Kyo, which led to rumors of her infidelity shortly after their divorce. This is believed to be a contributing factor to the breakup of the highly-publicized celebrity couple, despite them being hailed as the most beautiful couple in showbiz at the time.

Song Joong Ki’s unexpected change in attitude and public defense of his new wife has sparked discussions and debates within the entertainment industry and among fans. It remains to be seen how these developments will impact his public image and relationships within the industry.

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