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Song Joong Ki is about to remarry, his soon-to-be-married wife is different from the previous Song Hye Kyo?

Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin worked together well in the movie “Vincenzo”. Also, because of the love on the screen, they got involved in rumours of a fake movie. In real life, Song Joong Ki also always cares and gives winged words to this beautiful junior. Although the insider has never confirmed the relationship, the fans who love the couple are constantly “pushing the boat” for them.
Recently, an image of Jeon Yeo Bin appeared on the internet, hugging the woman who is said to be Song Joong Ki’s biological mother. Also, many netizens think that Joong Ki is busy with remarriage because of the photo. Song Joong Ki’s mother openly expressed her satisfaction for Yeo Bin, different from the silent attitude towards Song Hye Kyo when she was still a bride in the house.
However, the woman taking pictures with Jeon Yeo Bin is her biological mother, not Song Joong Ki’s mother. These two mothers have quite similar faces and hairstyles, so many netizens misunderstand.
Currently, Song Joong Ki is still focusing on filming the new movie “The youngest tycoon”. Since divorcing Song Hye Kyo until now, Joong Ki has never announced his new dating. He put all his heart into his career and was not in a hurry to reach out to anyone after the breakdown of his marriage.



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