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Song Joong Ki is becoming more attractive and well-known after three years of being single again.

After announcing Song Hye Kyo’s divorce, actor Song Joong Ki concentrated on his work. He is presently one of Korea’s most costly, successful, and endearing performers.
Song Joong Ki has barely attended any events after announcing his divorce from actress Song Hye Kyo in 2019. He stays away from the media and does not use social media.
Song Joong Ki started to return in the beginning of 2021. He has featured in fashion magazines and at renowned Korean film festivals. He has a really popular TV series concept – Vincenzo – in 2021.
Song Joong Ki is now making a strong return with the TV production The Youngest Tycoon (Reborn Rich). Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Bin appear in the film. In November 2022, the film will debut on JTBC (Korea).
The plot centres on Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki), a faithful employee for Sunyang Corporation who is deceived and killed by Jin Seong Joon, the genuine grandson of Sunyang Group.
Yoon Hyun Woo then awoke in 1987 to learn that he had been reborn in the body of Jin Do Joon, the Sunyang Group’s youngest grandchild who had inexplicably vanished in modern times. Yoon Hyun Woo seizes this chance to exact vengeance and take control of Sunyang Group.
The youngest tycoon swiftly captured the attention of the public after being shown for the first time. According to Nielsen Korea, the most recent episode, which broadcast on the evening of December 11, had an average rating of 21.1% nationally.
This accomplishment improved by 2.8% compared to the previous episode (episode 10 rated 18.3%), assisting the youngest tycoon in setting a new audience record since its broadcast, and entering the Top of the TV series. A rare cable channel with a top-two rating.
The episode lead cable program ratings in the same time slot and set the record for the most rated cable drama in 2022. (as of December 12).
The youngest tycoon’s highest rating is presently just 0.6% away from third place in the standings of Korean dramas with the highest rating in cable station history – Landing on you (rating 21.7%). According to the Newsen daily, the material of the youngest tycoon is becoming more appealing, and Song Joong Ki’s performance as Jin Do Joon is also quite remarkable.
The drama “The Youngest Tycoon” maintained its allure by topping the list of the most popular Korean dramas and performers for three weeks in a row. This information is based on data from articles, blog posts, online communities, videos, and social media concerning current and upcoming shows.
This week’s most popular cast list includes five of the performers from the film The Youngest Tycoon. Song Joong Ki remained at No. 1 for the third week in a row, followed by co-stars Lee Sung Min at No. 3, Park Ji Hyun at No. 5, Kim Nam Hee at No. 1, and Kim Shin Rok at No. 9.
With fantasy material set in the turbulent 1980s, Song Joong Ki’s appearance – the actor who “guarantees” ratings for many famous Korean dramas – is also a key component in his success. tycoon’s son
Song Joong Ki described his role as “an average guy who lives an ordinary existence.” Because he grew up without a family, he had strong desires for achievement. While growing up in a chaebol household, Jin Do Joon is forced to live a lifestyle that few can comprehend.
At 37 years old, actor Song Joong Ki has a career that many people envy. Song Joong Ki’s career is thriving three years after his public divorce from actress Song Hye Kyo.
Song Joong Ki got the coveted Daesang award of the APAN Star Award 2022 for the male lead performance in the film Vincenzo in early 2022. Song Joong Ki also served as an award presenter at the International Emmy Awards 2022 in New York (USA). On stage, the actor demonstrated his fluency and professionalism in English.
He is also one of the highest-paid Korean entertainers, with a string of critically acclaimed productions. Song Joong Ki is the face of cosmetics, sports equipment, automobiles, and cuisine… Song Joong Ki’s net worth has risen to 47 million USD, according to Korean media.
Many people admired Song Joong Ki because of his more youthful look as he approached the age of 40. Song Joong Ki’s modest and unpretentious clothing style also draws the attention of the opposite person, allowing him to be the face of numerous products.
Song Joong Ki stunned fans with his young look at the age of U40 on December 11, while he was in Indonesia for a friend’s wedding. Song Joong Ki seems younger than his age when dressed elegantly. Guests at the wedding all observed that Song Joong Ki outside was extremely gorgeous and personable, that he constantly reacted to every greeting and eagerly snapped photographs with them.



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