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Song Joong Ki is expected to put in more effort on the remaining episodes of ‘Reborn Rich.’

In the remaining episodes of the JTBC drama “Reborn Rich,” Song Joong Ki is stated to have to work harder. This idea occurred when the character Jin Yang Chul, portrayed by Lee Sung Min, died in episode 13.
As is known, one of the hallmarks of “Reborn Rich” is Lee Sung Min’s superb performance while portraying Jin Yang Chul. His persona is so well represented that he receives accolades in every episode.
Lee Pil Ok (Kim Hyun), Jin Yang Chul’s wife, was another prominent figure who disappeared. He escaped overseas before being apprehended as a murder suspect by prosecutors.
The emphasis of Episode 14 changed from Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) to the other members of the Soonyang Group family. New characters have also arrived, such as Jin Ye Jun (Cho Hye Joo), and the characters are competing for the post of group leader.
Jin Do Joon’s response shined brightly in this episode as well. He gains a lot of money while taking advantage of an unexpected bequest from his grandpa. His commercial troubles are exacerbated by the absence of Jin Yang Chul.
However, without Lee Sung Min’s presence in “Reborn Rich,” viewers may find themselves unsatisfied. The performance of Song Joong Ki and the other performers is excellent, but they are unable to sustain the degree of immersion. That’s why Lee Sung Min’s tremendous contribution to the drama is increasingly felt.
Even Lee Sung Min’s character’s short presence in episode 14 in the will video sequence left an impression. He grinned warmly as he continued, after explaining why he didn’t leave any will for Jin Do Joon “My grandson’s name is Do Joon. The grandchild that I look the most like.” In fact, the whole audience was moved by this moment.
With just two episodes left, people believed Song Joong Ki would have to work harder to cover Lee Sung Min’s void. Furthermore, several unanswered storylines remain, such as whether Jin Do Joon was able to purchase Soonyang as planned, who murdered Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki), and how Jin Do Joon and Seo Min Young’s (Shin Hyun Bin) relationship ended.
It is impossible to deny that Lee Sung Min demonstrated his unequaled aura in the heart of the drama. Viewers’ attention is now focused on what appearance Song Joong Ki will make in the drama’s last two episodes.



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