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Song Joong Ki is suffering from a headache as a result of Song Hye Kyo’s pressure after three years of divorce.

The cult pair Descendants of the Sun – Song Hye Kyo – Song Joong Ki entered the Korean movie race at the end of the year with two blockbuster goods from the major boys JTBC and Netflix, without an appointment. Even though it has yet to premiere, Song Hye Kyo’s drama “The Glory” has accomplished a “awful” accomplishment. As a result, many people feel that Song Joong Ki and the tycoon’s youngest son are under intense pressure from Song Hye Kyo.
The part of Moon Dong Eun in The Glory is believed to be the metamorphosis of “rating queen” Song Hye Kyo for the first time in more than 20 years of filmmaking. Not to add, the involvement of golden screenwriter Kim Eun Sook in crafting the screenplay is regarded as a guarantee of The Glory’s substance.
Before the new movie’s first photos were revealed, Song Hye Kyo and “new love” got excellent news when the brainchild was rated 5th in the most talked movie list despite the fact that it had not yet been launched. The information shown above is based on a statement made by Good Data, a recognized television survey and data gathering station in Korea. Song Hye Kyo’s films are “alone and alone,” sharing the same tray with TV projects that are now airing and producing a fever on the screen.
This revelation piqued the interest of the public on the film forum, particularly those who are counting down the days before Moon Dong Eun appears. They attribute this exceptional accomplishment to Song Hye Kyo’s notoriety as well as the prestige that The Glory team provides, from the screening platform to the screenplay, director,…
Furthermore, others believe that if The Glory is on the rise, causing a high temperature, Song Joong Ki must exercise caution. Although the attractive Song family is now ruling the charts with the tycoon’s youngest son, if Song Hye Kyo returns, this position will be tough to maintain.
Others, on the other hand, find the conflict between Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki fascinating. They believe that workplace rivalry is normal. The audience may now decide if Song Joong Ki and his ex-wife are in better condition following their lovely partnership in Descendants of the Sun.



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