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Song Joong Ki just returned to Korea and looked to be in love with his new partner at the airport?

Song Joong Ki returned to Korea on December 9 after concluding the tournament in Indonesia and Singapore. His arrival at the airport soon drew the attention of a significant number of onlookers and supporters.
According to foreign media, Song Joong Ki wore a modest suit to the airport, and the actor displayed indications of exhaustion due to the extended duration of the event.
Notably, a mysterious female appears close to Song Joong Ki. The couple’s amorous moments were repeatedly publicized. When she was strolling with the actor Descendants of the Sun, the girl revealed to be pretty close. Fans also remarked that they were both dressed to the nines as they arrived at the airport. Many people are enquiring about the identity of the girl who appeared with her ex-husband Song Hye Kyo.
Many people assumed the female was Song Joong Ki’s new love interest. However, these are only speculations, and Song Joong Ki has yet to provide a formal comment to the event. Many fans, however, expressed their hope and desire that the actor may rapidly find a happy destination in his life after his marriage ended.
Previously, after working on the film “Vincenzo,” Song Joong Ki was thought to be in a higher-level relationship with the younger actress Jeon Yeo Bin. The strongest proof is that, not long ago, on the red carpet of the Busan International Film Festival, Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband gazed back at Yeo Bin while marching with other beautiful women. He openly confesses to having a crush on this stunning co-star.
Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Song Hye Kio, is continually accused of dating Lee Min Ho or Park Hyung Sik’s junior. However, all of this is hearsay, and Song Hye Kyo has never verified the occurrence.



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