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Song Joong Ki ‘keeps distance’ from the actress at the event because he still loves Song Hye Kyo?

Although “everyone went their separate ways” after more than three years, the information related to the Descendants of the Sun couple – Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, still received the attention of a large audience. Recently, netizens passed each other the moment Song Joong Ki “keeps his distance” from his female colleague when sharing a frame at a big event. Accordingly, Song Joong Ki immediately got into the question of still being attached to his ex-wife, so he did so, but what is the truth behind it?
Specifically, in recent days, social networks have been buzzing with rumours of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s reunion. Although there has not been any evidence or confirmation from insiders, the audience still feels excited and constantly discusses.
Amidst the reunion, rumours are still spreading on social networks; a series of photos of Song Joong Ki appeared at a big event at the Busan International Film Festival. In particular, the moment Song Joong Ki shared a frame with actress Yum Jung Ah attracted attention because it was too funny.
In the photo, Song Joong Ki and the seniors stand quite far apart, but the audience can still see the difference in the skin tone of the couple. While Yum Jung Ah shines with white skin, Song Joong Ki makes many people unrecognizable because his skin is too dark. It is known that this is the “consequence” of the actor’s days of continuous recording on the set.
The photo of Song Joong Ki sharing the same frame with his senior at the Busan International Film Festival received much interaction from the audience. Some people wonder why Song Joong Ki stands so far from his senior, whether it has anything to do with rumours of dissolving with ex-wife Song Hye Kyo. However, it seems that this is just a coincidence because in other photos that were spread, Song Joong Ki still freely interacted with everyone attending the event.
It is known that the movie Bogota: the City Of The Lost, with the participation of Song Joong Ki, has just made a huge achievement and contributed to increasing the producer’s revenue at the ongoing Busan International Film Festival. In the film, Song Joong Ki transforms into a young man with his family who immigrate to Colombia to change his life. However, life is not peaceful, causing him to face many dangers. After all, he became the leader of the black market in Bogota.



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