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Song Joong Ki Makes a Riveting Comeback with ‘My Youth’ in the Spotlight of South Korean Media.

Recently, the South Korean media has been abuzz with news of Song Joong Ki’s much-anticipated return to the small screen in the upcoming television project titled ‘My Youth’. This marks his first acting endeavor since embracing fatherhood. Fans are eagerly awaiting his performance, given his recent impressive form.

Song Joong Ki’s last television series, “Reborn Rich”, was a resounding success, boasting a viewership rating of 26.9% nationwide. Following this, the former husband of Song Hye Kyo garnered attention for his role in the film “Hopeless”, for which he did not take a salary. “Hopeless” has been officially invited to participate in the 76th Cannes Film Festival, marking Song Joong Ki’s first prestigious walk on the Cannes red carpet.

Amidst his flourishing career, Song Joong Ki also celebrated personal joy as his wife gave birth to their first son. During this period, he devoted his time entirely to his family, steering clear of events and new projects.

Despite his success and a fulfilling marriage, Song Joong Ki has recently faced criticism from the online community. Controversy arose following an interview with a Chinese magazine, where he was quoted saying that having a family with a celebrity could potentially ruin a career. After facing backlash, his representatives clarified that this was a translation issue and not his intended message.

Moreover, Song Joong Ki faced further criticism for his alleged condescending attitude towards a journalist. When asked a simple question about his child’s name, his response, “Why should I tell you?” was perceived as disrespectful.

As he returns to acting, fans and critics alike are keen to see how Song Joong Ki balances his personal triumphs and challenges with his professional life. His upcoming role in ‘My Youth’ is not just a comeback but a test of his resilience in the face of both acclaim and controversy.

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