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Song Joong-ki making headlines genuine expressions of love for his wife and son While Promoting “Hopeless”.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Song Joong-ki, the beloved South Korean actor, has been making headlines not only for his upcoming film “Hopeless” but also for his genuine expressions of love for his wife, Katy, and their son. After his return to Korea on September 19th, accompanied by his loyal pet dog Nala, Song Joong-ki has been dedicatedly engaging in promotional activities for his latest cinematic venture.

The actor kicked off his promotional journey with a press conference for “Hopeless” on September 22nd and recently sat down for an interview with the media on the 25th. Throughout these events, Song Joong-ki openly shared his deep affection for his family. In response to persistent rumors about his wife, the actor candidly expressed his feelings, saying, “Thanks to my wife, I was able to calm my anger,” with a warm smile. He continued, “My personality has become brighter and more positive because of her.”

Equally touching was Song Joong-ki’s heartfelt acknowledgment of his son, revealing, “Every time I fed the baby milk, I wondered if I had truly become a father. Rather than claiming a change of heart, I would say I have a newfound perspective. I believe I should strive to be a good person and a father my son can be proud of.” Having been on the journey of parenthood for 100 days since his son’s birth, he added, “I’m a novice father, and I’m assisting my wife. I feel immense happiness and pride in raising our child together. It’s fascinating to watch the baby sleep so peacefully.”

Song Joong-ki’s devotion to “Hopeless” extends to the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), set to commence on October 4th. There, he will connect with the audience through Actors House, which includes an open discussion related to the film. He will also share the stage with “Hopeless” co-stars Hong Xa-bin and Kim Hyung-seo during the film’s screening at BIFF.

When asked about his plans to return to Rome with his wife and son, Song Joong-ki replied, “I haven’t made a decision yet. For now, my focus is on promoting ‘Hopeless’ and participating in BIFF. If the movie performs well, I’d prefer to delay our return as much as possible.” This statement clearly reflects his commitment to his career while still cherishing his family life.

Song Joong-ki, who experienced a significant life transition through marriage and fatherhood, remains unwavering in his dedication to his acting career. He stated, “After my son was born, I felt a stronger urge to work even harder.” Fans eagerly anticipate his performance in “Hopeless,” expecting him to showcase a broader range of acting skills and a fresh transformation.

“Hopeless” is a noir film that delves into the story of a young boy striving to escape a grim reality by crossing paths with the local gang’s middle boss, eventually becoming ensnared in a life of crime. Song Joong-ki was drawn to the script’s compelling narrative and accepted the challenging second lead role without any guarantees.

With “Hopeless” poised for release on October 11th, Song Joong-ki’s sincere expressions of love for his family and unwavering commitment to his craft have endeared him even more to fans and admirers worldwide.

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