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Song Joong Ki publicizes his new lover amid rumors that Song Hye Kyo is dating Lee Min Ho?

Song Joong Ki’s every move always receives a lot of attention from the audience. It is known that, at the moment, the actor is in the process of promoting the movie Reborn Rich.
Recently, netizens suddenly spread a picture of Song Joong Ki appearing with a girl with a very pretty appearance. Even many people think this girl’s appearance is better than Song Hye Kyo’s.
After the photo was spread, netizens suddenly asked who is this girl that Song Joong Ki appeared next? Many people even questioned whether this was Song Joong Ki’s new lover?
Previously, netizens also posted information that Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min Ho were officially together. This person even posted a photo of these two famous Kbiz stars together.
About Reborn Rich, in the film, Song Joong Ki plays Yoon Hyun Woo – the risk management secretary in the Soonyang Group of a chaebol family, who was accused of embezzlement and had to die. After being unjustly killed, Hyun Woo was reincarnated in Jin Do Joon’s castle, step by step planning revenge against Soonyang’s family.
A few days earlier, Reborn Rich set an unprecedented record when it reached the top 10 of Netflix in the world even though it was only broadcast in Korea (Netflix did not win the rights to release Reborn Rich globally). This achievement shows the terrible attraction of the film at home.



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