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Song Joong Ki Returns to South Korea After 7 Months in Italy Taking Care of His Wife and Newborn Son.

Recently, the media captured images of Song Joong Ki at Seoul International Airport on the afternoon of September 19th. The actor has returned to South Korea after spending 7 months living in Italy. It appears that Song Joong Ki made the decision to come back to Korea to celebrate his birthday with his parents.

It is known that during this return, Song Joong Ki was accompanied by the couple’s beloved pet dog. Meanwhile, his wife, actress Katy, and their newborn son are still in Italy, under the care of the maternal grandparents.

Appearing at the airport, Song Joong Ki drew attention with his simple outfit, wearing a casual hoodie and a stylish cap. The media also paid special attention to the wedding ring on Song Joong Ki’s finger.

Prior to this, Song Joong Ki and his wife had traveled to Italy to facilitate the birth of their beautiful child. The couple welcomed their first son in June in Italy. After the birth of their baby, both mother and child are in stable health. Since the paternal grandparents live far away, the responsibility of taking care of the baby falls entirely on the maternal grandparents. During this time, Song Joong Ki has also nearly halted all of his work commitments to wholeheartedly focus on his wife and child.

According to many speculations, Song Joong Ki’s return to South Korea is likely to be to welcome his parents to Italy and introduce them to their daughter-in-law.

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