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Song Joong Ki revealed the secret of his early career, it turned out to be as bitter as the divorce with Song Hye Kyo.

In a recent video posted on YouTube, Song Joong Ki and the artists and management company shared about the first scene of their life. It was the turn of the actor “Descendants of the Sun”, he couldn’t help but wonder.
Song Joong Ki revealed a painful experience that he went through when he was not famous in the entertainment industry. Joong Ki started by playing supporting roles. One of the seniors at the university wanted to help him gain professional experience in the acting field.
Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband was given the role with a line in the series “Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung” in 2007. The role is a reporter.
When he arrived on the set, Song Joong Ki was very excited. Veteran actor Sung Dong-Il was standing right in front of him, but he wasn’t worried. Being so happy, Joong Ki was suddenly disillusioned by an incident.
He said, “I was given a role in ‘Reporter 3’ and the artists of ‘Reporter 2’ and ‘Reporter 3’ pulled me into a corner and asked how I got this role. I don’t know why they did. Asked, but then I realized that the competition in the industry is fierce.
The experience made Song Joong Ki feel sad and bitter, but he expressed, “I feel so relieved when I can finally say a complete line. It’s only a small role but plays an important part. in my memory”.



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