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Song Joong Ki sacrificed his life to save fans from the danger of being trampled in the crowd.

On a business trip, while the new movie was gaining a lot of “heat,” Song Joong Ki scored when he helped a fan who fell. Accordingly, many viewers believe that it is thanks to this golden personality that Song Joong Ki has won the hearts of most of his colleagues, including his co-star in Descendants of the Sun – Song Hye Kyo.
A Korean movie can “stand still” when the country’s top stars, such as Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki, Kim Hye Soo, and Ha Ji Won, .. simultaneously re-appear on the screen. In particular, the drama “Reborn Rich” played by Song Joong Ki is receiving an admirable achievement with a rating of 13% (Seoul area) after the first 4 episodes.
With the inherent reputation and charm of Reborn Rich, Song Joong Ki’s appearance in Jakarta – Indonesia, recently attracted the welcome of a “huge” fan base of many nationalities. According to a Vietnamese fan named Camellia, this person fell so hard that he rolled while picking up a handsome male surname Song at the airport.
At that time, this person thought he would be left behind and trampled by the crowd. However, Song Joong Ki reacted quickly to help fans and started asking questions in English.
It is known that the actor’s bodyguard also quickly stopped the flow of people jostling there to keep people safe from falling. Although not calm enough to answer Song Joong Ki, the fans mentioned above were extremely grateful for the actor’s beautiful actions.
The above story caused a fever on social networks as soon as it was spread. Accordingly, the public gave “winged” compliments to the warmth of Song Joong Ki and the crew. In addition, they also expressed their jealousy towards the fans who were interested in the handsome Song family.
Song Joong Ki is still causing a fever with the “huge” investment drama – Reborn Rich. The film quickly surpassed the 2-digit rating mark and is expected to glorify JTBC station after a series of previously unsuccessful projects. The film airs on JTBC and other platforms every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.



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