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Song Joong Ki suddenly ASKED the audience to PRAY FOR HIM, what’s going on?

In a recent turn of events, renowned actor Song Joong Ki made a heartfelt request to his audience, asking them to pray for him. This unusual appeal has garnered significant attention from his fans and the media alike. But what’s the story behind this plea?
Known for his captivating performances, Song Joong Ki has been a prominent figure in the Korean entertainment industry. Recently, he shared insights about his acting career and future aspirations in an interview with JTBC Newsroom. Despite his busy schedule, including taking care of his wife and first child abroad, Song Joong Ki has maintained a fresh and approachable demeanor, always willing to engage with his fans.
In the interview, Song Joong Ki expressed a strong desire to work with foreign film crews, aiming to immerse himself in various cultures and languages. This aspiration comes after his acknowledgment of facing rejections in all his auditions abroad. It’s this streak of unsuccessful attempts that led him to ask his audience for their prayers, hoping for better luck in his upcoming casting endeavors.
Post his schedule for the movie “Dead End,” Song Joong Ki plans to participate in several auditions internationally. “If it’s okay this time, then great. Up until now, I’ve always failed. Nothing but the desire to test myself. So, if everyone prays for me and I pass the audition, even just a little, I’d be really grateful,” he shared.
Song Joong Ki’s recent project, “Hopeless Dead End,” has put him in the spotlight for the 44th Blue Dragon Awards. He’s a strong contender for the Best Supporting Actor category, thanks to his remarkable performance in the film. The movie, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in the Unique Vision category, has also been acquired for broadcast rights by several countries.
Song Joong Ki’s request for prayers is not just a call for support but a reflection of his humility and determination to grow as an actor. As he ventures into new territories and faces challenges head-on, his journey continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

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