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Song Joong Ki surprised by the image in the new movie ‘The Chaebol’s Youngest Son’.

Recently, netizens were highly excited by the image of Song Joong Ki in the new movie The Chaebol’s Youngest Son.
Although they are just behind-the-scenes photos, many netizens quickly recognized the actor’s silhouette. In particular, the guy’s worker image is even more curious for fans. However, most netizens pay attention to the actor’s somewhat degrading appearance. Most believe that Song Joong Ki in this film is much less attractive than when he took on the lead role of Vincenzo. Some fans defended that Song Joong Ki could not put on a glossy image due to the nature of the character’s work. Although there were many mixed opinions, the majority of the audience expressed their anticipation for this return of the male god. The Chaebol’s Youngest Son is a JTBC drama revolving around Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki), who has worked for the Soonyang Conglomerate group for more than 10 years. However, he was falsely accused of embezzlement by the clan and then murdered their youngest son. Fortunately, Hyun Woo escaped death. He is determined to return to take revenge on their clan from here on. This is Song Joong Ki’s first movie in 2022. Before that, in 2021, the actor dominated the television screen with the movie Vincenzo in collaboration with Jeon Yeo Bin. The two had a pretty good collaboration. After that, the couple quickly received the audience’s love and were often enthusiastically pushed by fans.



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