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Song Joong Ki Unveils His Winning Move Against Song Hye Kyo.

After his remarkable performances in movies like “Space Sweepers” and TV series such as “Vincenzo” and “Reborn Rich,” Song Joong Ki once again showcases his versatile acting prowess in his latest role as Chi Geon in the film “Hopeless.” As initially introduced, Chi Geon is a cunning character who has found a way to survive in a cruel reality.

“Hopeless” marks Song Joong Ki’s latest project since the hit drama “Reborn Rich.” In the initial glimpses of the film, Song Joong Ki’s transformation into Chi Geon, a mid-level manager with experience surviving in harsh circumstances, is evident. When he realizes that Yeon Gyu also suffers similar pain, he decides to extend a helping hand.

With his short-cropped hair, tanned skin, scar-covered face, mysterious demeanor, and deep voice, Song Joong Ki’s portrayal of Chi Geon has already won over the public. Additionally, it was revealed that Song Joong Ki was so captivated by the script that he willingly participated without receiving a salary, all in support of the project’s artistic quality.

This action by Song Joong Ki has led many netizens to view it as a “one-up” move, directly targeting his ex-wife, Song Hye Kyo. This is because Song Hye Kyo had already achieved significant success with the drama “The Glory,” while Song Joong Ki, in his role in “Reborn Rich,” was focused on taking care of his wife and child abroad.

On September 19th, Song Joong Ki returned to South Korea to promote the film “Hopeless.” It is known that this is a rare occasion for the actor to return to his homeland after an extended period of caring for his wife and firstborn son abroad.

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