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Song Joong Ki was startled, showing a bewildered expression because the director said this.

Recently, an article titled “Song Joong Ki who really can’t control his facial expression after hearing that he doesn’t look like a good person” appeared on the online community. theqoo online.
Specifically, Song Joong Ki participated in the entertainment program Access! Movie World on SBS to promote the actor’s recent film, Space Sweepers. During the show, Song Joong Ki suddenly encountered a problem when he misheard the words of the production team.

The show’s director announced the interview was over and joked, “I think you can relax now.”
However, Song Joong Ki was startled because he misheard it: “I don’t think you look like a good person.” Immediately, the actor was bewildered and could not control the expression on his face. After a moment of hesitation, Song Joong Ki decided to confirm the director: “Where is not good?”. The director repeated the sentence, causing the actor to discover that he had misheard. At this time, Song Joong Ki breathed a sigh of relief and regained his bright smile.
The actor’s expression on the show received much attention on social media: “He cutely complained, “What is this, why is my heart fluttering?”, “He he looks handsome even when confused,” “Song Joong Ki’s expression is so cute,” “Oh this guy makes me fall in love,” “Song Joong Ki, can you not be so cute ?”.

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