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Song Joong Ki was touched when he talked about his biological mother in the middle of the news of returning to Song Hye Kyo.

Despite not owning a cult star cast, Song Joong Ki’s movie Reborn Rich still achieved a “huge” achievement by being screened in more than 170 countries worldwide. While the new movie is on the rise and the rumors of dissolving with his ex-wife are rampant on social networks, Song Joong Ki touched the audience when he mentioned his mother in an interview. After a series of “blockbuster” television series, Descendants of the Sun, Vincenzo, and a series of movie projects, Song Joong Ki decided to return to the film on the topic of revenge – Reborn Rich. With only 5 days left before the new movie of the handsome Song family is officially released, the crew has arranged a small exchange activity between the actor and the fans. In a recent interview promoting a new movie, Song Joong Ki caught attention when he mentioned his biological mother and dreamed of buying expensive gifts for her. Specifically, the handsome Song family shared a continuous scene involving a car – the props of the new film crew.

After that, he revealed that the prop car was originally the actor’s mother’s dream. He said that when he was a beginner, he had met this car and knew it was expensive. In particular, Song Joong Ki said that he once thought, “It would be great if I could bring that car home as a gift to my mother.” Although Song Joong Ki has now risen to the ranks of Kbiz’s A-list actor, the actor’s emotional memories from his early career are always treasured and sometimes shared with fans. Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband’s confession lines received great attention from the audience after being spread. On social networking forums, the public gave a “rain” of compliments to Song Joong Ki’s filial piety when he always turned his attention to his family, no matter how busy he was. Besides, the public also “turns on the waiting mode” for the latest TV project of the handsome Song family to see his acting maturity after many years. It is known that Reborn Rich, played by Song Joong Ki, will air on November 18 on JTBC and several broadcasting platforms.




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