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Song Joong Ki will soon get everything returned to him by Song Hye Kyo following a three-year divorce.

The Korean cinema race will be particularly fascinating at the end of 2022 when the renowned pair Song Hye Kyo – Song Joong Ki will present to the public fantastic goods with tremendous investment in material, narrative, and cast.
Song Joong Ki’s “Reborn Rich” has been a hit in every episode since its debut, with a rating of more than 20% despite just being two-thirds of the way through. Meanwhile, despite merely releasing teasers and posters of the characters, Song Hye Kyo’s “The Glory” startled with a “awful” accomplishment. This makes netizens even more eager for Song Hye Kyo’s return in this film project, with some even suggesting that Song Joong Ki should “be careful” since his ex-wife may outperform him at any moment.
The production team just published the official teaser for The Glory, evoking strong emotions in viewers with a slew of exciting new material. As a result, the video begins with Yeon Jin’s blissful wedding scene (played by Lim Ji Yeon). When she got blessings from people at the celebration, she smiled warmly. At the same moment, a disturbing phrase from Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) resounded: “From now on, every day will be a nightmare, full of provocation and anxiety”.
Dong Eun then planned vengeance with the school violence’s perpetrators: Yeon Jin, Jae Jun (Park Sung Hoon), Sa Ra (Kim Hieora), Hye Jeong (Cha Joo Young), Myeong O (Kim Gun Woo), and Yeon Jin’s spouse, Do Yeong (Jung Sung-ill). A succession of villains’ statements, in particular, drew viewers’ attention, including: “You should have perished at that time” (Lim Ji Yeon), “I repent of what I did to you and was rescued” (Kim Hieora), and “Everyone makes errors” (Cha Joo Young).
When the trailer for The Glory was published, the succession of interesting revelations above sparked a heated discussion on social networking platforms within minutes. Song Hye Kyo’s performance is clearly a standout in this picture; she has also progressed significantly, particularly in terms of emotions and facial expressions.
Netizens even claimed that it was Song Hye Kyo, not her character, who fueled the audience’s need for vengeance. As a result, the audience may put their faith in Song Hye Kyo’s “makeover” in this film.



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