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Song Joong Ki’s accident in ‘Reborn Rich’ has a comical behind-the-scenes sequence.

Reborn Rich is the most popular drama in Korea and other Asian nations right now.
This new drama starring Song Joong Ki has also eclipsed the eccentric female lawyer Woo Young Woo, Big Mouth, to become Korea’s highest-rated drama in 2022.
Currently, the film has presented 6/11 episodes, accounting for more over half of the film’s trip, with exciting and interesting facts of Hyun Woo’s rebirth for retribution in the shape of a tycoon’s youngest grandson – Jin Do Joon. Fans of Song Joong Ki were likewise pleasantly surprised by the actor’s latest role.
In particular, there was a vehicle collision at the conclusion of episodes 10 and 11 of Reborn Rich that made the audience’s heart flutter with anxiety for the destiny of the male protagonist Song Joong Ki. Specifically, when Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) drove a vehicle with his grandpa – who is also the owner of Soonyang Group – to attend a press conference without knowing that there was a murder plot waiting for them.
An accident occurred just as grandpa Jin Yang Chul was about to declare his plan to transfer over the corporation’s legacy and administration to his youngest grandson Do Joon. The automobile transporting the two grandchildren was struck by a car, which was subsequently hit by a truck. Fortunately, the two grandfathers and grandkids were kind-hearted helpers who sacrificed themselves to stop the automobile, thus they avoided the “scythe of death”.
Because it is a hazardous and violent situation, many viewers are taken aback by the reality of the frames. However, there was an entirely different vibe behind the scenes of the accident site.
According to previously published information, the crash sequence in the film Reborn Rich is the most costly scene since it ruins two actual four-seater automobiles. In several shooting angles, actors Lee Sung Min and Song Joong Ki had to depend on the assistance of stuntmen. The remainder of the time, they performed on their own and were hampered by camera angles and effects.
The performance of the two major players caused viewers to bust out laughing in a behind-the-scenes film of the mishap aired by JTBC channel. Lee Sung Min and Song Joong Ki were clad in gory makeup and had to perform “vegetarian” numerous times from swaying, shivering, and astonished reactions regarding the accident.
Many spectators had to giggle with glee at the reality following the exciting sequences on the film after witnessing the behind-the-scenes movie, while also admiring the performers’ acting abilities. Accordingly, Reborn Rich is still the top film in audience ratings when achieving 21.1% for episode 11 and it is believed that with the upcoming intriguing material, the picture will again shatter its own record.



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