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Song Joong Ki’s Awkward Moment in Contrast to Song Hye Kyo’s Grace.

After a prolonged absence from the entertainment industry, South Korean A-list actor Song Joong Ki has made a high-profile return to his homeland, attending the premiere event of the film “Hwaran” on the evening of September 22. All eyes were on Song Joong Ki as this marked his first public appearance since becoming a “diaper dad,” focusing on family life abroad.

However, as the event unfolded, fans were surprised by an awkward move made by Song Joong Ki during a promotional event for “Hwaran.” Specifically, he faced criticism for decisively pulling the male lead, Hong Sa Bin, to stand aside, only to place himself at the center of the stage alongside the director.

This action by Song Joong Ki was immediately deemed tactless by the online community, accusing him of being overly self-centered and seemingly forgetting that Hong Sa Bin was the actual male lead of the film. Moreover, the bewildered and hesitant demeanor displayed by the male lead of “Hwaran” further fueled contrasting opinions from the audience.

Comparing Song Joong Ki’s behavior to how his former wife, actress Song Hye Kyo, interacts with her co-stars, one can understand why the timeless beauty of the Korean screen commands such respect. In a recent press conference for her work, “The Glory,” Song Hye Kyo demonstrated her humility and grace when she noticed her colleague standing away from the center of the stage. She gently reached out and pulled her younger co-star closer, ensuring that the cameras captured their interaction more effectively.

Song Hye Kyo’s modest and considerate actions have garnered widespread praise from the public, highlighting the stark contrast between her and Song Joong Ki’s recent misstep. Her ability to prioritize teamwork and the comfort of her co-stars showcases her professionalism and sets a commendable example for others in the industry.

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