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Song Joong Ki’s Ingenious Way To Change His Newlywed House With Song Hye Kyo Gains Notoriety

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s honeymoon house was transformed in an unusual fashion. He even generated huge gains because to his astute financial abilities.
According to the Korean news site iNews24, Song Joong Ki’s home in Itaewon is now worth double its initial price. It is based on verified copies of land records.
Song Joong Ki acquired the mansion in November 2016 for 10 billion won. Song Joong Ki made it a newlywed home with Song Hye Kyo at the time.
Song Joong Ki destroyed the home a year after their divorce, in 2020, to undergo a comprehensive renovation. He eventually built a new structure with three levels underneath and two floors above. The overall floor space is now 993 square meters.
The property is now valued between 18 and 20 billion won. That means, in only six years, Song Joong Ki has profited almost twice the initial amount. Because the property is in an affluent neighborhood like Itaewon, its value will rise even during a real estate downturn.
Song Joong Ki presently resides in a luxurious apartment in Seoul’s Nine One Hannam district. This is a high-end property that can be purchased for $7.27 million USD.
Aside from that, he also owns real estate in the opulent Eterno Cheongdam complex and a 165-square-meter villa in Hawaii. These homes are priced at around 11.5 million USD and 20.65 million USD, respectively.
Song Joong Ki is regarded as one of the Korean entertainment industry’s “real estate billionaires” due to his vast riches. His astute financial abilities also evoke analogies to his character in the play “Reborn Rich,” who foresees future earnings.



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