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Song Joong Ki’s Parents’ Reaction to His Remarriage Differs from His First Marriage.

In a surprising turn of events, Song Joong Ki’s parents’ reaction to his recent remarriage and pregnancy announcement with British actress Katie Luis Saunders has sparked considerable interest, given its contrast to their previous response when he married Song Hye Kyo.

When Song Joong Ki shared the news of his remarriage and pregnancy with the British actress, Katie Luis Saunders, it became a hot topic in the media. However, the reaction from Song Joong Ki’s parents this time around stands in stark contrast to their active response during their son’s first marriage.

On January 31st, reporters approached Song Joong Ki’s father, Song Young, seeking a comment on his son’s remarriage and pregnancy. However, this time, Song Young chose to remain silent, declining to offer any comments. Likewise, Song Joong Ki’s mother also refrained from making any statements, simply stating, “I have nothing to say.”

This shift in their response has garnered more attention, especially when compared to their enthusiastic reaction to their son’s first marriage to Song Hye Kyo in 2017. At that time, Song Joong Ki’s mother expressed her happiness, saying, “It’s good. I am glad,” while his father openly stated in an interview, “My son is getting married soon. It’s a pity that Song Hye Kyo is older than my son, but my son likes her, and no parents can win over their child.”

Notably, during Song Joong Ki’s first marriage, his father had shown his affection for Song Hye Kyo by sending text messages to acquaintances, promoting the drama in which she starred. Even after Song Joong Ki’s divorce from Song Hye Kyo in 2019, his father continued to express his support and admiration for her, apologizing to acquaintances for the sudden bad news.

On January 30th, Song Joong Ki announced through his fan cafe that he would be marrying Katie Luis Saunders and revealed her pregnancy. He made a heartfelt promise to spend the rest of his life with her, a decision that has left fans and the public with mixed feelings.

The contrasting reactions of Song Joong Ki’s parents during his remarriage have generated significant curiosity and debate among fans and the media. While their supportive stance during his first marriage remains fresh in memory, their current silence has raised questions about their views on their son’s new chapter in life.

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