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Song Joong Ki’s wife is pampered like a “queen” after giving birth to their son.

Song Joong Ki and his international wife, Katy Louise Saunders, are enjoying a blissful marriage as they share their happiness welcoming their firstborn son. In June of last year, Song Joong Ki’s wife gave birth to their first son in Italy, and both mother and child are reported to be in good health. Due to the distance from their in-laws, the couple relies on Katy Louise Saunders’ parents for baby care.

During this time, Song Joong Ki nearly halted all of his work commitments to wholeheartedly support his wife and child. He even proactively brought his wife to Italy before the birth to be close to her parents, demonstrating his thoughtfulness as a husband.

The Korean media portrays Katy Louise Saunders as living like a “queen” after giving birth to Song Joong Ki’s son. Since their marriage, Song Joong Ki has dedicated himself to his wife, ensuring a life of immense wealth and prosperity for both of them.

Recently, the South Korean media reported that Song Joong Ki has acquired an expensive apartment in Hawaii. This apartment is situated in an affluent area of Hawaii, where property prices have been soaring in recent years due to its popularity among billionaires and celebrities worldwide. Song Joong Ki’s apartment spans approximately 150 square meters and features two bedrooms and a bathroom.

It’s revealed that Song Joong Ki and his wife plan to use this property as a vacation home for their family.

In addition to the Hawaiian estate, Song Joong Ki also owns a valuable residence in South Korea, valued at around 20 billion Korean won. This house has three underground levels and two above-ground levels, with a total floor area of nearly 1,000 square meters. It is expected that Song Joong Ki will bring his wife and son back to live here when their son grows older.

Furthermore, to make their long-term stay in Rome, Italy more convenient, Song Joong Ki has also purchased a home there. Although the exact value of this property has not been disclosed, given the high cost of real estate in Italy, it is undoubtedly a luxurious and well-equipped home. Song Joong Ki has shared some images of his life in Rome on his personal social media, hinting that this might be their Italian residence. The revealed images depict an elegant and classical home with spacious bathrooms.

From the time his wife became pregnant, Song Joong Ki spared no expense in providing her with a luxurious lifestyle. In South Korea, his wife shopped for baby clothes at the most upscale stores, with individual items costing approximately 400,000 Korean won or even up to 600,000 won if purchased as a set. These high-end stores are well-known among affluent families in South Korea for purchasing clothing for their children.

In Italy, as his wife prepared for childbirth, Song Joong Ki frequently accompanied her to expensive shopping districts in Rome. Needless to say, shopping in Rome comes with a hefty price tag. Netizens have documented Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders frequently visiting upscale stores in Rome for their shopping needs.

These gestures of affection and absolute care from Song Joong Ki toward his wife and son truly showcase his devotion and pampering of his family.

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