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Song Kang and Park Min Young practice hugs, use all shy events until the director has to join in.

Forecasting Love and Weather is a JTBC drama starring Song Kang and Park Min Young.
This drama began airing on February 12 and will end on April 3. The two main actors of Forecasting Love and Weather are Song Kang and Park Min Young. Forecasting Love And Weather is a romance drama that tells about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration. In Forecasting Love and Weather, Song Kang plays Lee Si Woo, a free-spirited and determined man. He boasts an impressive IQ, but he only cares about the weather.
Meanwhile, Park Min Young plays Jin Ha Kyung. She is a cold woman who does everything by the book and carefully separates her personal and professional life. While rehearsing the scene where Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo fight in the office’s backroom, Park Min Young and Song Kang try to coordinate how he will hug her. The director starts giving notes, saying, “When Si Woo hugged Ha Kyung from behind, shouldn’t he have hugged him like this?”
The director tries to hug Song Kang to demonstrate the hug. The crew giggled as Song Kang tried to hug the director from behind, to which Song Kang showed some discomfort. After trying several hug scenes with the director, Song Kang and Park Min Young rehearsed where Lee Si Woo tries to get close to Jin Ha Kyung. But, he says to keep a meter apart to maintain proper distance at work. They filmed the scene several times, and Song Kang’s smile grew brighter with each shot. Park Min Young couldn’t help but laugh during the shoot as Song Kang approached her quickly. He tries to stay in character and hides his smile when Song Kang says the following script.



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