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Song Seung Hun’s career went downhill, avoiding military service.

Song Seung Hun (born October 5, 1976) is a South Korean actor and model. With his handsome, manly appearance, he quickly caught the directors’ eyes.
The actor started his acting career in 1999 with the movie “Love Petals” with female star Kim Hee Sun.
By 2000, Song Seung Hun was famous in Korea and many other Asian countries thanks to the classic movie “Autumn in My Heart” with Song Hye Kyo and Won Bin.
This trio has brought an extraordinarily tragic but beautiful love story, making viewers sob and tormenting unforgettable. “Autumn in My Heart” has helped three actors, Song Hye Kyo, Song Seung Hun, and Won Bin, become the brightest stars in the Korean entertainment industry.
After “Autumn in My Heart,” Song Seung Hun continued to be selected to send gold in the 4-season series with the work “Summer Perfume” in collaboration with Son Ye Jin.
Released in 2003, the work resonated thanks to the pure, innocent exceedingly but also full of contradictions of the main couple, Yoo Min Woo (Song Seung Hun) and Shim Hye Won (Son Ye Jin). Like “Autumn in My Heart,” “Summer Scent” has also successfully received loved throughout Asia, helping to develop the Hallyu wave.
After a long hiatus, Song Seung Hun returned with the movie “East of Eden” in 2008. He transformed into a dusty, dusty, but brilliant Lee Dong Chul. , strong. This work helped Song Seung Hun show his transformative acting skills and win the prestigious Daesang at the MBC Drama Awards.
However, since the resounding success with “East of Eden,” the handsome actor has not been able to maintain his form with a series of poorly-known works.
Most of the movies that Song Seung Hun has participated in since 2010, such as Dr.Jin, Saimdang, Black, The Great Show, Dinner Mate, or Voice 4, are all “bombs,” ratings are flat, and not little attention from the audience. The actor’s acting is also getting worse and worse; he has always been criticized as “stale,” a color despite trying in many different genres.
There is no denying that Song Seung Hun is still a popular name in the Korean entertainment industry, but compared to Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, Son Ye Jin, and Kim Hee Sun, the actor has fallen a lot in terms of performance. Reputation.
It can be said that the reason why Song Seung Hun’s career fell into a stalemate was due to the lousy script choice and the shocking military service evasion scandal that made the actor’s image much worse in the eyes of the Korean people. Country.
Specifically, when receiving a call-up letter to enlist in the army right at the peak of their career, Song Seung Hun and two other actors, Jang Hyuk and Han Jae Suk, simultaneously forged medical records to get an exemption.
The incident was later revealed. The three stars had to bow their heads to admit their fault before a wave of intense anger and had to suspend their activities for a long time to reflect.
Regarding his private life, Song Seung Hun once dated actress Sung Yu Ri before causing a “storm” with his love story with “billionaire fairy” Liu Yifei.
Having the opportunity to work together in the work of Third Love, the two began to develop feelings for each other. In mid-2015, the image of Song Seung Hun taking Liu Yifei to his private villa was posted online, causing the entertainment industry of the two regions to wobble.
Once extremely sweet and happy, the couple could not be together and officially went their separate ways after 2 years of dating. They are still expensive single stars in the Chinese and Korean entertainment industry.



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