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Soong Joong Ki shares In an interview. He said that he did not fully understand himself.

Soopatch couldn’t help but admire the beautiful pictorial photos “shaking” accompanied by Song Joong Ki’s exclusive interview in Vogue Man Hong Kong in March. After less than half an hour of posting, this series of photos has been widely shared on many social networking forums. It is no exaggeration to say that Song Joong Ki is the top male god, star Han Luu with a considerable fan base. He shows an artistic charm in each of his productions; perhaps that is one of the reasons why I fell in love with the actor Descendants of the Sun.
From the chic navy blue suit to the white and blue sunken patterned shirt, dark pink suit, and red jacket, Song Joong Ki confidently showcases his conceptual ingenuity with his vibe of a top star.
In particular, the series of photos that coexist with Song Joong Ki’s unique and masculine beauty becomes even more prominent. Here, the nonchalant expression and dark eyes also doubled the atmosphere.
During the photoshoot and interview, Song Joong Ki won the hearts of the staff at the scene with his friendly charm, such as actively participating in filming and sharing ideas without hesitation. .
In an interview after filming, when asked as an actor if he had any worries and how to overcome them, Song Joong Ki said that he did not fully understand himself.
He continued: “I have two major concerns. How to improve my acting skills and how to become a better actor? Honestly, I can’t find a definite answer to this from what I’ve felt while acting for so many years. Just every time I perform, I accumulate time to absorb experiences and lessons.”
Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki is filming the new JTBC drama – The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate. After the success of blockbuster hit Vincenzo last year, I’m still looking forward to his new works, which show synergy, from limited action to hot emotional performances through between two extremes.



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