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Speculations Rise Over Jennie and Lisa Potentially Leaving BLACKPINK.

The future of BLACKPINK, one of K-pop’s most prominent groups, seems to be shrouded in uncertainty. As per recent reports from South Korean media, there has been no update on BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment, except for ongoing negotiations between the company and its members.

Amidst this uncertainty, social media platforms like [Platform X] are buzzing with speculation about Jennie’s future promotional activities. Fans recently spotted her at the opening of the Tamburins Popup event, accompanied by her managers, Jaemin and Hosup, who are rumored to have parted ways with YG Entertainment.

These developments have fueled rumors about Jennie’s career prospects, particularly after reports suggesting that she might have left YG Entertainment along with her managers. Adding to the intrigue, Jennie has filed for trademark registration under the name ‘Jennie Ruby Jane’ for 10 different categories, ranging from food and beverages to jewelry and luxury goods. This move has intensified discussions among her fans, raising concerns over the future of BLACKPINK.

In another turn of events, Lisa’s manager, after a five-year tenure at YG Entertainment, updated her LinkedIn profile to reflect her departure from the company. Additionally, South Korean media reported that Lisa had signed a contract with an American record label for a substantial amount. Her recent performance at a strip club has also affected the K-pop idol’s reputation.

Given these developments, media experts increasingly believe that Jennie might be in the process of establishing her own management company. As for Lisa, they assert that the likelihood of her leaving the group is the highest among the four members.

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