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Stray Kids expressed their feelings when reaching No.1 on Billboard 200.

According to the Billboard 200 and Artist 100 chart updates in the past week, Stray Kids has reached number one with the 6th mini-album “Oddinary”.
Stray Kids has now joined BTS and SuperM as the only K-pop act to lead the Billboard 200. In addition, the group is also the only K-pop act, along with BTS, Blackpink and SuperM, to lead the Artist 100.
Moreover, Stray Kids has officially become the first artist under JYP Entertainment to reach No.1 on Billboard 200 and Artist 100.
The members expressed, “Rather than worrying about the numerical results, we focused on portraying the musical sound that became deeper and more meaningful from our previous album. When we made music with those thoughts in mind, focusing on the sound of Stray Kids, and that album brought us such high entries on the 2 major Billboard charts, it filled us with joy. Happy”.
“We intend to dream bigger dreams and express even more ambitious hopes while carrying pride in our hearts. We are fulfilling the beliefs and expectations of the fans, who have allowed it to be. We survive. We will work harder without limiting our future goals,” the group added.
“After hearing that we topped the Billboard chart, the members promised to become artists and show performances worthy of that ranking. To become the pride of not only the fans around. As we are global, our families, friends and acquaintances, we will strive to move forward with humility. We are especially looking forward to meeting our fans during our tour. The 2nd world show is coming up and intends to show his best performance.”



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