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Substitute Son Ye Jin in ‘Tree Die on Their Feet’, Ha Ji Won Was Made Too Old for Kang Ha Neul

Recently, there was news that Son Ye Jin will be taking a short break in the entertainment world after getting married.
Whereas previously, Son Ye Jin was rumoured to be starring in a drama titled ‘Tree Die on Their Feet’.
On April 22, Korean media announced that the beautiful actress Ha Ji Won is considering the role of the female protagonist in the drama ‘Tree Die on Their Feet’.
Handsome actor Kang Ha Neul has confirmed his participation in the project, while Jung Hae In is currently considering accepting the invitation.
The female lead in “Tree Die on Their Feet” was initially intended for Son Ye Jin.
Ha Ji Won’s participation in this drama hints that Son Ye Jin will not take on any projects in the drama industry.
Many reports think that Son Ye Jin turned down this job to focus on taking care of her household with Hyun Bin.
Previously, Hyun Bin had confirmed that he would be making a comeback in many films.
However, after returning home, Hyun Bin will be more busy taking care of the ‘princess.’
In terms of acting talent and beauty, Ha Ji Won does have an equal to Son Ye Jin.
However, when this information was published, many people believed that Ha Ji Won looked much older than Kang Ha Neul.
The public also became abuzz, leaving various comments. Many feel disappointed with the stunt double Son Ye Jin.
“At first, Son Ye Jin was much older than Kang Ha Neul, but now Ha Ji Won is even worse.”
“Why can’t they choose a female lead who is the same age as the male lead?”
However, not a few also feel that Ha Ji Won is more compatible with Kang Ha Neul than Son Ye Jin.
Sorry, Ye Jin fans, but I prefer this couple. I don’t mind the age difference; Kang Ha Neul has worked with many elders in the past, and it looks like Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won will get along well. this cast comes true.”
“Finally, while we wait for Ji Won’s return, I hope that you will accept this project.”



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