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Suga BTS was proposed again, the reaction this time seems to really want to get married.

One of BTS’s never-ending jokes is that Suga is constantly flooded with marriage proposals every time it airs. Whether Suga is there, the members always see ARMY asking to marry the male rapper, and it’s no surprise why!

Even though BTS is in Las Vegas with big shows like the Grammys and the Permission To Dance On Stage concert, ARMYs don’t seem distracted from the proposal. In particular, it is even more prominent when it is said in a city famous for its cult weddings.

After the Grammy, BTS made a surprise broadcast, talking about many interesting things.

During the broadcast, Jin, although not sitting near the tablet, was also caught in the eye by commenting, “Suga, marry me”. Although people teased that Jin must have hawk eyes to see that comment, V explained that many marriage proposals are sent to Suga.

Jungkook added that he saw the comments asking to marry Suga. The members then joked that every ARMY seems to want to marry “Tang Ge”.

Jungkook: There’s a “Yoongi, marry me” comment here!

Jin: I said this comment is everywhere!

Jimin: Here too?

Jungkook (nods): Always.

Jin: I tell you, I saw the comment “Suga marry me” even when I did a solo Vlive!

Although Suga defended that the other members all received marriage proposals, Jimin joked, “You just have to give in and marry someone!”

This comment changes the subject to… the wedding in Las Vegas.

It turns out Suga is very good at getting married! “Did you know it’s possible to get married in a car in Las Vegas?” – Suga asked.

He even knew the terms of the cancellation of the wedding. “No. Here, it is possible to get married in a car regardless of gender or age. It is also possible to cancel the marriage the next day if you change your mind”, – Suga knows.

After this reaction of Suga, ARMY even tried to persuade him:

– If you study this carefully, you will probably want to get married. Well, can I marry anyone or marry me?

– Can you believe it? I’m willing to volunteer to test this knowledge with Oppa Suga!

– Marry me, Yoongi. I’m going to Las Vegas. We got married in the car, and you can cancel the next day.

– Be my wife for one day, Suga-ah!



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