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Super Junior’s Donghae and Lee Seol Set to Mesmerize in Upcoming Romance Drama.

In the realm of captivating on-screen chemistry, Super Junior’s heartthrob Donghae and the enchanting Lee Seol are ready to paint an exquisite portrayal of a steadfast couple in an upcoming romantic drama!

Confirmation has arrived on August 16 that Donghae, under the banner of his agency, is poised to take the lead in Channel A’s forthcoming masterpiece, tentatively named “Man and Woman.”

Derived from an immensely popular webtoon of the same title, “Man and Woman” stands as a touching and authentic romantic saga designed to evoke the coalescence of both familiarity and fondness, sentiments that intertwine seamlessly within long-standing relationships. The genius behind the narrative, Park Sang Min, acclaimed for his work on the film “Love 911” and as a seasoned writer for “Class of Lies,” promises an emotional journey like no other.

Within this enchanting tapestry of emotion, Donghae slips into the character of Jung Hyun Sung, a tenacious visionary embarking on an audacious journey to establish a street fashion empire, yet grappling with the unforgiving tides of life. Caught in a whirlwind of contemplation, Hyun Sung contemplates parting ways with his partner of seven years, the charming and talented Sung Ok (Lee Seol), a relationship born in their college days, all due to a fleeting lapse in judgment.

Lee Seol, whose captivating aura previously secured her the coveted female lead, steps gracefully into the shoes of Han Sung Ok, a gifted jewelry designer and the cherished other half of the drama’s central pair.

The stage is set, and hearts are aflutter as “Man and Woman” gears up for its anticipated debut in the latter half of 2023. As the spotlight shines on the compelling narrative of enduring love and the human experience, eager viewers are urged to stay tuned for an enthralling exploration of emotions and relationships like never before.

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