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Surprise the beauty of Jisoo Blackpink at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

The eldest sister Jisoo (Blackpink), recently attended an event at the Dior fashion house in Paris Fashion Week 2022. Her presence at the show quickly became the focus of netizens’ attention.
When Jisoo appeared at the event, every moment of the beauty from opening the car door and getting off until she entered the show’s venue, the beauty received a warm welcome from the fans. The CEO of the Dior fashion house posted the scene when fans were waiting for Jisoo on his personal Instagram story and captioned it, “The view outside Dior seems to be a rock concert. They all are waiting for Jisoo”. However, Jisoo’s outfit, this time, accidentally caused mixed opinions. Fans all praised her beautiful aura, but besides that, some viewers thought that Jisoo’s outfit had inadvertently revealed the beauty’s body defects. Up until now, the eldest sister of the group Blackpink has always been known for her pure, feminine beauty and slim figure. The audience always appreciates the visual of the beauty; many people even compare her with their face and charisma.



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