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Bae Suzy Chooses Work for Money Instead of College, Lee Min Ho’s Ex Talks About His Past Before He Becomes Famous.

Having a flashy career, Bae Suzy bluntly admits that she chose a career over college.
Bae Suzy admitted that she had to make that big decision.
As is known, Bae Suzy is now known as a top Korean artist. Her naturally beautiful face is also an added point that makes her popular among Korean lovers.
Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriend started her career in Korean entertainment as a member of the girl group Miss A. Unfortunately, the girl group did not last long and disbanded sometime later. Not wanting to stand idly by, Bae Suzy immediately looked for ways to continue to survive in the Korean entertainment world. This woman, born in 1994, tried many new things, such as getting into the world of acting.
He also managed to get a role in the legendary film Architecture 101, which later made his name skyrocket. Furthermore, she received many offers for other drama titles, which further solidified her designation as a Korean actress.
Bae Suzy also got a lot of praise and awards for her works. But behind this popularity, Bae Suzy had to give up one thing in her life.
Yes, it turns out that she must be willing to give up her youth to go to college like other girls. Launching Kbizoom on July 8, 2022, in Korea, there is a phenomenon where celebrities are accepted into prestigious universities but can work without interruption.
However, the reality is that it is often difficult for celebrities to attend classes and take exams because of their promotional activities. Here is what makes these celebrities accused of going to school only for degrees. As this became such a big deal, more and more stars decided to drop out of college.
It turns out that this is also the reason Bae Suzy decided to work as an artist instead of going to college.
In an interview in 2012, Suzy said that she refused to be a student because many artists born in 1994 also did not take the CSAT or college entrance test. Bae Suzy answered honestly about why she didn’t go to college. “Even if I go to college now, I don’t think I will be able to fulfil my academic life because of work,” said the star of the Start-Up drama.
“I can challenge myself when I think I want to attend college, but I decided not to try college this year.”
“I want to be active as a singer, actress, and entertainer in the future.” “I wanted to work harder in my field for a while,” he said.
Bae Suzy, who dropped out of college ten years ago and devoted herself to acting, is now standing as one of the top stars in Korea.
Through the Coupang Play series titled ANNA, Bae Suzy describes a woman with Ripley Syndrome in depth.
From teenage girls to women in their late 30s, Suzy is praised for her formidable character.



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