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Bae Suzy is not prestige to appear shabby and pale, former Lee Min Ho is praised as high as the sky for daring to change the image.

Bae Suzy has recently returned to the spotlight thanks to her 180-degree image. Bae Suzy is known as a multitalented artist.
A few years ago, Bae Suzy started her career in the entertainment world as a member of the girl group Miss A. After the idol group disbanded, Bae Suzy continued to survive in the entertainment industry by trying new things. She has been a model, event MC, and finally plunged into acting.
His acting in the drama Dream High skyrocketed, and the legendary film Architecture 101 managed to make her name known to the public. Since then, the former Lee Min Ho has been trusted to take the lead role in various drama titles. Although netizens criticized her acting skills, Bae Suzy showed her sincerity to continue to grow. Here is proven through her new dramas, which have received good responses from audiences, such as Vagabond to Start Up.
Launching Kbizoom on July 7, 2022, Bae Suzy has recently received sky-high praise for her courage to change her image through the drama ANNA. If all this time she has often taken on the role of a beautiful and cheerful girl, this time, Bae Suzy chose to play a mysterious woman with two different personalities.
In several episodes, this woman, born in 1993, did not hesitate to look shabby with a pale face without makeup. ANNA is a mystery-suspension drama that depicts the story of a woman who lives two different lives.
The conflict starts with a small lie about her family, educational background, and past. Besides Bae Suzy, several other actresses such as Jung Eun Chae, Kim Joon Han, and Park Ye Young also starred in the drama and showed their charms.
In this drama, Suzy plays the main characters, Lee Yu-mi and Lee Anna. Told, Bae Suzy was born to a family with a poor father and deaf mother. He tries his best to survive but gets tired of the harsh life and makes an irreversible choice.
Netizens who watched ANNA continued to praise Suzy’s improved acting ability. In particular, Suzy surprised everyone with how she portrayed Lee Yu-mi’s life in the drama. Her realistic appearance with an innocent face, no makeup, naturally thin eyebrows, blank eyes, and a tired expression as if she had given up on everything impressed many viewers. She can show excellent emotional acting.
Viewers even praised the scene where Bae Suzy was trapped in unfamiliar emotions while seeing the extraordinary appearance of Hyun Joo (Jung Eun Chae), born into a wealthy family with exceptional beauty. ANNA drama fans also responded enthusiastically to Bae Suzy’s better acting transformation. “Suzy seems to have prepared a lot for this drama,” commented netizens.
“I was shocked by his actions,” wrote another netizen.
“She has become a real actress,” said another netizen.
Meanwhile, Bae Suzy admitted that she had difficulty playing the two characters in this drama. Launching the page during the press conference, Suzy vented about this.
“This is my first time taking on a solo lead role, and this will be a burden on my shoulders,” said Bae Suzy.
“Also, the range of emotional changes of the characters is large, and the narrative is a bit dark. I was faced with a difficult and formidable challenge,” she continued. Despite the weight, this beautiful actress admitted that she persisted and wanted to do the best for her character. For your information, the ANNA drama starring Bae Suzy will air every Friday at 8 pm on Coupang Play.



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