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Bae Suzy Shows Back The Style Of The Debut Era, Creates Nostalgic Fans The Concept Of Rat Bitten Bangs.

Bae Suzy started her career in the entertainment world as an idol who joined a group called Miss A. Suzy, who has a beautiful face and melodious voice, made her the group’s visual.
Bae Suzy and her friends debuted with a song called ‘Bad Girl Good Girl, which was a massive success in the market, and even won the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2010.
Her first album was released in 2011 with ‘Class A.’
But unfortunately, miss A did not last long, and JYP Entertainment, as the agency stated that Miss A officially disbanded on December 27, 2017.
After no longer with Miss A, Bae Suzy is more focused on her career in acting.
Recently, Suzy did a photoshoot for the cover of Marie Claire Korea with Dior.
Launching from Instagram @skuukzky, Lee Min Ho’s former lover shared his beautiful self-portrait.
Her appearance in photoshop was unique, with long hair and front bangs that looked familiar.
The portrait of Suzy with the front bangs hairstyle reminds fans of Suzy’s early debut with Miss A.
Quoted from the Cafe Daum online forum on March 16, 2022, one fan uploaded a photo of Suzy during her debut with her latest photo as a magazine cover.
The trending post on the daum cafe was titled “a magazine cover that reminds me of Suzy’s bangs being bitten by a rat during her debut days,” wrote one knetz.
Suddenly the post became crowded. Many other netizens responded to comments praising Suzy’s unchanging beauty.
They talked about the former Lee Min Ho’s resemblance to the early days of his debut, and her face didn’t seem to change.
With an iconic style in the form of bangs hair which netizens call bangs being bitten by a rat because the bottom half is like being bitten by an untidy mouse.
The style of opposite Lee Seung Gi in the drama Vagabond at the beginning of his debut with Miss A was very trending.
The rat was bitten by a rat, a legend from knetz, which in the past had created a trend among Korean teenagers and young people who wanted to imitate the style of Bae Suzy.
Bae Suzy hasn’t changed; her beautiful face has remained the same until now. Do you agree?



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