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T-ara’s Areum Announces Divorce and Plans to Remarry Amidst Legal Struggles.

Former T-ara member Han Ah-reum, known professionally as Areum, has made a startling announcement about her personal life. After four years of marriage, she is currently in the process of divorcing her non-celebrity husband and has revealed plans to remarry.

In a candid statement, Areum shared her journey of finding new love amidst challenging times. “I now have someone who I always want to be by my side,” she expressed. This new relationship, she describes, began as if “wrapped in an aurora,” a testament to its deep and meaningful nature.

Areum’s journey hasn’t been without its struggles. She is embroiled in an ongoing lawsuit and has dealt with significant pain and challenges, even before her current relationship. Despite these hurdles, she has found solace and support in her new partner, who has been a source of hope and happiness.

The T-ara star emphasized the importance of her children in this decision, stating that she has endured a lot for their sake but is now focused on enjoying life and finding happiness.

Looking forward, Areum and her new partner plan to formalize their union legally as soon as her current legal battles are concluded. They have also discussed establishing the “Areum Foundation” to support children in need.

In her statement, Areum also addressed the issue of public speculation and malicious comments. She urged for understanding and support while warning that she plans to take strict action against baseless and harmful remarks.

Areum, who married in 2019 and is a mother of two, has previously opened up about her struggles with severe depression. Her latest announcement reflects her ongoing journey through personal and public challenges as she navigates a new chapter in her life.


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