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Taeyeon Lends Her Voice to ‘Welcome to Samdali’ OST with ‘Dream’.

Taeyeon, the acclaimed member of the popular K-pop group Girls’ Generation, is set to enchant the music world once again. Marking her presence as the third singer for the original soundtrack (OST) of JTBC’s weekend drama ‘Welcome to Samdali’, Taeyeon is releasing her latest track ‘Dream’ today at 6 PM across various online music platforms.

‘Welcome to Samdali’, a riveting drama captivating audiences globally, showcases the intense and dynamic chemistry between its lead characters, Samdal, portrayed by Shin Hye-sun, and Yongpil, played by Ji Chang-wook. The storyline, which oscillates between contrasting emotional states, has been adding an extra layer of excitement with each episode.

The song ‘Dream’ is a heartfelt remake of ‘The Dreams’, a title track from Cho Yong-pil’s 1991 album. It narrates the poignant tale of five brothers from Jeju who embark on a three-month journey to Seoul, chasing their luminous dreams. This OST promises to evoke memories and emotions, resonating with its listeners.

What sets this rendition apart is its rhythmic band arrangement and a bright medium tempo, designed to highlight the original song’s beautiful lyrics and melody. Taeyeon’s clear and powerful vocals are expected to amplify the emotional depth and touching mood within the drama.

‘Dream’ is a collaborative effort between composer Lee Joo-hyung of Monotree, known for producing hits for artists like Taeyeon, TWICE, and EXO, and singer-songwriter Kwon Ji-yoon. As a cherished song of the legendary Cho Yong-pil, it’s anticipated to leave a profound impact on the audience, transcending generational boundaries and rekindling nostalgic memories.

Taeyeon, recognized as a unique vocalist with exceptional singing talent and musicality, recently made a comeback with her fifth mini album ‘To. X (Two)’. Her journey in music has been marked by numerous hit OSTs like ‘What If’ and ‘A Poem Called You’, earning her the title of the undisputed ‘music queen’. Beyond music, Taeyeon has also garnered immense love and admiration through her ventures in entertainment and advertising.

Fans can immerse themselves in the melodious journey of ‘Dream’ by Taeyeon for the ‘Welcome to Samdali’ OST, available on various online music sites from 6 PM on the 17th.

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