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Taeyeon (SNSD) suddenly had a clash with Jennie (BLACKPINK)

On the evening of June 2 (local time), the Korean survival TV show, produced by Mnet, Queendom 2, ended successfully with results that received the audience’s approval.
In addition to the beautiful girl groups participating in the competition, the most memorable thing in the finale of Queendom 2 was the appearance of host Taeyeon at the beginning of the program.
Wearing a pink dress with a cupped chest, along with a neatly groomed natural straight hairstyle, Taeyeon made everyone stand still for a few seconds because she was so beautiful. The female idol born in 1989 once again showed her surreal and increasingly upbeat “visual.”
Taeyeon’s series of “heart-stopping” moments quickly became a hot topic of discussion. Lots of comments praising the youthful beauty of SNSD’s leader. Even many people have to admit that Taeyeon is why they decided to watch Queendom 2.
Notably, fans quickly realized that the INVU vocalist’s dress was once worn by junior Jennie (BLACKPINK) in an eyewear advertisement.
Jennie is complimented by her long and sleek dark brown hair in the promotional image for Gentle Monster. Wearing a strapless dress, Jennie made fans admire her charming “coat hanger” shoulder. She cleverly showed off her “fiery” curves in the photo shoot.
On the Nate page, some Korean netizens left comments about the clash of two Kpop female idols: “Both of them are pretty, but it’s a bit unfair to compare regular pictures with pictorials, but both are beautiful,” “elegant Taeyeon, trendy Jennie,” “Looking at Taeyeon’s photos, she thinks she’s ‘pretty’, but when it comes to Jennie, she can’t breathe”…



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