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Hyun Bin lost to Lee Min Ho and Song Joong Ki, this is the list of the 20 most handsome Korean actors in King’s Choice version.

It is undeniable that loyal Kdrama fans are often impressed by the looks of South Korean actors.
Many handsome visuals of newcomer actors have succeeded in stealing attention through various dramas.
Nevertheless, South Korean actors aged 35 years and over are still loved because they have handsome faces like men in their 20s.
To this extent, fans often feel confused about who has the most handsome face among South Korean actors. A news site called King Choice recently released a list of the 20 most handsome South Korean actors.
The list was made based on the results of a poll conducted some time ago.
The poll results of the most handsome South Korean actors are astonishing.
How not, actor Hyun Bin failed to enter the top five and lost to Lee Min Ho and Song Joong Ki.
According to King Choice, the following are the results of the top 20 most handsome South Korean actors.
1. Lee Jong Suk.
Lee Jong Suk was successfully crowned as the most dashing actor in the Korean entertainment world among its strong competitors.
With a scholarly yet incredibly sexy aura, this male actor often takes the top spot in monthly visual rankings.
For those who miss Lee Jong Suk’s handsome face, he will make a comeback through the legal drama Big Mouse.
Packed with an exciting plot and explosive visual combination, the series, which also stars SNSD’s Yoona, is highly anticipated.
2. Lee Min Ho.
In the second place, Lee Min Ho recently performed spectacular acting in the Apple TV+ project, Pachinko.
Although the actor is still receiving mixed reactions for his acting skills, Lee Min Ho’s stunning performance is undeniable.
3. Song Joong Ki.
In 3rd place, there is Song Joong Ki. His youthful charm always radiates in Song Joong Ki’s handsome face.
His face looked like he was in his 20s, even though he was already past 36.
After the success of Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki will soon return with a revenge drama entitled The Youngest Son of The Chaebol Family.
6. Hyun Bin.
Although his physique and aura seem masculine, actor Hyun Bin had to settle for being in 6th place.
Even though the actor failed to make the top 5, he remains one of the most attractive men.
Here’s the complete ranking of the ‘Top 20 Most Handsome Korean Actors’ version of King Choice:
1. Lee Jong Suk
2. Lee Min Ho
3. Song Joong Ki
4. Lee Dong Wook
5. Park Bo Gum
6. Hyun Bin
7. Ji Chang Wook
8. Park Seo Joon
9. Lee Jun Ki
10. Kim Woo Bin
11. Kim Soo Hyun
12. Gong Yoo
13. So Ji Sub
14. Park Hae Jin
15. Lee Dong Gun
16. Jung Woo Sung
17. Song Seung Heon
18. Seo Kang Joon
19. Seo In Guk
20. Kim Hyun Joong
What do you think? Based on the King Choice site poll, are you satisfied with the list of the 20 most handsome South Korean actors?



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