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The adorable child of Kim Tae Hee’s cute pose in a pink hanbok, will be the future idol!

Kim Tae Hee has now been blessed with two children. It is known that she married a handsome actor, Rain, in 2017.
They had their first child in the same year, shortly after marriage. Two years later, their second child was born. Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s two children are girls. While being a mother, Kim Tae Hee chose to limit her activities in the entertainment world.
Three years vacuum, in 2020, Kim Tae Hee returned to star in a new drama. He returned through a fantasy drama, ‘ Hi Bye, Mama!’. The drama drained the audience’s eyes because it was so touching. It is known that Kim Tae Hee plays a spirit named Cha Yu Ri. She died pregnant after being hit by a car. At the same time, the baby girl survived and was taken care of by her husband, Cho Gang Hwa.
Not yet willing to leave the world, Cha Yu Ri becomes a spirit because she wants to see the princess’s growth. It is known that Kim Tae Hee’s daughter in the drama ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’ is played by a child actor, Seo Woo Jin.
Even though it’s a boy, Seo Woo Jin plays a girl very nicely.
Before being revealed, many viewers thought that Seo Woo Jin was a girl. Currently, Seo Woo Jin is seven years old. He grew up as a child actor who became more and more handsome.
He is still active and in demand starring in Korean dramas.
On one of the Instagram fan pages, @seo_woo_jin15, there are very adorable photos of Seo Woo Jin. One of them was when he wore a pink hanbok. Seo Woo Jin seemed to pose with two fingers in both hands. He smiled at the camera in an adorable pose.
The boy who also starred in the drama ‘You Are My Spring’ is known to have beautiful eyes when he smiles. Seo Woo Jin also has an official Instagram account operated by his parents. His Instagram account is named @_angel_elijah_. Seo Woo Jin’s parents often share the latest portraits of their son.
One of them was behind-the-scenes photos when Seo Woo Jin was filming.



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