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The beautiful mother of BLACKPINK’s Lisa always looks young with the latest fashion style.

Always performing, especially on stage, BLACKPINK’s Lisa also has an amazing figure to support her. The figure was her mother, who looked youthful and beautiful. Lisa BLACKPINK’s popularity makes her fans curious about her family figure, especially her mother.
Launching Allkpop (15/10/2022), it is known that Lisa BLACKPINK’s mother, Ms. Manobal, lives in Thailand with her husband, Marco Bruschwiler, a renowned master chef. Even though Marco Bruschwiler is Lisa’s stepfather, he always shows love for the child.
Lisa and her mother always wear the same clothes when they go out. The photos uploaded show that LISA’s charisma and beauty are descendants of her mother. On her flight to Korea to attend BLACKPINK’s Born Pink World Tour concert, Ms. Manobal appeared to steal the show by wearing hanbok and a leather jacket as a coat and sunglasses. Even though he looks cute, Manobal always changes his style to be more daring. He also often wears leather boots on his trips abroad. Manobal gets great respect from the Kpop community for being a loving mother and always looking great.
Manobal is a person who trusted Lisa since childhood and supported her in difficult times to achieve her dreams, so today, Lisa has become the most successful soloist in Thai and Kpop history.



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